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Superfood day 3! Simple delicious Beets!

Being chef it’s a given that I love fancy food. By fancy I mean I love the delicacies such as caviar, sweetbreads and uni. I love to cook with them, I love to eat them and more importantly I love

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Superfood, day 2!

So superfooders…what did you think of yesterday’s dish?  I happen to make a big batch and have honestly been eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner…and I am still craving it!  Good stuff! So today’s superfood recipe is an easy

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Dakota’s SUPERFOOD 7 day challenge!

If you know me then you know that I LOVE food…that’s a good thing considering I am a chef, right? So you would also know that I am not what you would call a “healthy food eater” I like fried

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I Google, you Google, we ALL Google!

Rock Climbing, Basketball, Baristas, Nap Pods and……Cooking Classes! Oh my!!! Today I helped Google LAX launch the Zagat Chef Demos at their Venice offices. Let me just say if you EVER have the chance to go there and check it

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Mixing it up at Paul Oakenfold’s house for and intimate dinner party.

The setting…beautiful house in the Hollywood Hills. A perfect Southern California sunset. Thousands of lit candles. Spectacular views of Los Angeles. A guest list fit or a runway in Paris and a the savory smell of braised Veal Cheeks coming

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