Superfood, day 2!

So superfooders…what did you think of yesterday’s dish?  I happen to make a big batch and have honestly been eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner…and I am still craving it!  Good stuff!

So today’s superfood recipe is an easy one…as it is pretty busy at the hotel and I am sure all of you are out and about enjoying your weekend,I figured we would drink our lunch today!

I have packed in 9, yes I said 9!!! superfoods into today’s SUPER smoothie.  Here is what you are going to need.


1 cup nonfat or greek yogurt – yogurt  increases bone  strength, lowers cholesterol and helps build a stronger immune system.

4 tbls. raw oats – oats are known to lower your cholesterol but did you know they also help improve the condition of your skin?  Double yay from me!

2 tbls. flax seeds – flax seeds help digestion, strengthens  your immune system and helps with diabetes.

1 each lemon – lemon as we all know are a great source for vitamin C, among many other things.

1/4 cup raw almonds, with or with out skins – almonds  help protect against type 2 diabetes and make your heart super happy by lowering heart disease.  They also  help boost your energy.   Thank you Almonds!

1 each green apple – Apples help lower your cholesterol, help promote bone health and helps prevent asthma.  So I would say YES, an apple a day keeps the Doctor away.  🙂

1 bunch asparagus – asparagus assist the body in removal of waste products…and makes our pee smell funny.

1 each avocado – avocado is an excellent source of potassium, fiber and is loaded with healthy fats!   They also help improve our overall body functions…don’t make me go into detail about those…heehee.

2 each banana – bananas are not only fun to say outloud…they are also super low in calories, offer our bodies a kick in the butt with a boost of energy, they help lower blood pressure and the coolest of all, drum roll please….they can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety…crap!  Wish I knew that before I went on Top Chef…hahaha. 



Basically add all of these ingredients with water (to cover the top) into your Magic Bullet or Vita Prep and let er rip!   Warrning…this is a crazy healthy smoothie…it’s not sweet and it ain’t Jamba Juice…so if you prefer to add a sweetener I would suggest adding an organic honey…now honey is not a super food….but it is however an aphrodisiac…big smile.  So maybe you might want to make this for dessert in a sexy lil’ outfit, if you know what I mean…wink wink.

Here she is with all her health benefits and tasty glory!


See you beautiful people tomorrow…


Chef D







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