Super Egg-TASTICK! Day 4.

Hello my Superfooding beauties!

Today I have a super treat for you!  I was in a nostalgic mood all day and was really craving something comforting, easy to make and freaking tasty.  So I decided to make a baked Omelet!  This is no ordinary omelet, no no no.  This omelet is packed full of awesomeness.  As I promised you all four days ago that I would pack in 50 superfoods into 7 days worth of recipes I saw that I really needed to go full force today and that’s just what I did!  I loaded this puppy up with 8 superfoods!  Sweet jesus you are going to love this one.

Baked Organic / Free Range Egg Omelet with Brussel Sprouts, Asparagus, Artichokes, Tomatoes, Cauliflower, Spinach, Fresno Chilies, Serrano Chiles and Garlic.  Topped off with some low-fat Goat’s Milk Feta and Scallions


Look at this piece of yummy in your tummy dish…which I have to mention is totally suitable for either breakfast, Lunch or Dinner!  Triple whammy right there!

Here’s what you need!

8 each free range / organic eggs, whipped in a bowl – eggs encourage weight loss, they are low in calories, high in vitamins D & B-12, high in amino acids and promote eye health

1/2 cup Cauliflower, cut into small pieces and lightly roasted – cauliflower is high in vitamin C and manganese and is also and antioxidant

1/2 cup brussel sprouts, quartered and lightly roasted – B. sprouts are high in vitamin A, C and K.  They also assist in brain and nervous system development.  Mama’s to be…eat lots of these!  🙂

3 each baby artichokes, cleaned and lightly roasted – artichokes are high in potassium, fight cancer and heart disease and help with high blood pressure

1 cup spinach, lightly sautéed with garlic – aside from repelling vampires (yes I fully believe in vampires!  so what!)  it also helps lower cholesterol, fights high blood pressure and fights against cancer.

1 each red fresno chile & 1 each serrano, sliced raw – hot peppers helps with digestion and help improve the immune system…they are also and aphfrodisiac….oh la la.

12 each pieces of asparagus, lightly sautéed – see day 2’s post for the health benefits of asparagus.

scallions and low-fat goats milk feta to garnish

Whip your eggs with a little salt and black pepper and pour them into a cast iron skillet.  toss all of your vegetables together (except the pepper, scallions and cheese) and evenly place them in the egg mixture.  Let the mixture bake in the oven at 350 for about 15 minutes, or until the center is firm.  The mixture will be a little “wet” as the vegetables with leak some water.  I like my eggs a little runny so I go even less time in the oven.  Once the eggs are cooked  to your liking pull the cast iron from the oven, sprinkle on the fresh chiles, eta and scallions and scoop out your portion with a large spoon and munch away~~~ 🙂  Chomp!

Tune in tomorrow for day 5 of our superfood challenge!


Chef D




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Superfood day 3! Simple delicious Beets!

Being chef it’s a given that I love fancy food. By fancy I mean I love the delicacies such as caviar, sweetbreads and uni. I love to cook with them, I love to eat them and more importantly I love to have someone else cook them for me! All that said when I cook for myself I notice I eat waaaaaayyyyyy more simple than the food on my menus. Wierd? Well maybe not weird and kinda funny I think sometimes. So today I’m going to share one of my best selling appetizers which can prepared in a “fancy” way or you can simplify it and either way it’s going to rock your taste buds!

Roasted Yellow Beets with Crispy Quinoa, Argon Oil, Cilantro and a toasted Cumin Greek Yogurt.

4 each yellow beets – although they not not considered a superfood they are high in fiber, rich in B – xanthin, low in calories and packs a ton of potassium.
Baby cilantro – also not a superfood but it can help prevent cardiovascular damage, and coolest of all it has been said that it can help improve your sleep quality.
Argan oil – also not a superfood but this awesome tasting oil is full amazing benefits. It’s known to help with reducing dry and brittleness skin. And also is an anti-inflammatory that can alleviate the common muscle and joint pains. Rad!
1 cup Greek yogurt – superfood!!! See yesterday’s post for the awesome benefits of yogurt.
1 tbsp. Toasted cumin – known to reduce the risk of stomach and liver tumors in animals…crazy right? For humans it can help with flatulence, indigestion and diarrhea cha cha cha!
1 each Lemon juice – superfood! See yesterday’s post for the health benefits.
Salt to taste
1/2 cup red quinoa – superfood! Fiber, protein and phosphorus which helps promote tooth enamel strength! Also super cool it’s high in magnesium which helps fight headaches. Sweet!


Roast your beets in the oven, toss them in a little olive oil and salt. Roast at 350 until fork tender. Once cool peel them an cut into quarters.
Whisk together the yogurt an cumin and add salt to your taste.
Drizzle the argan oil over the beets, toss with salt and the lemon juice and roast again.
Toast the quinoa in a pan with a little olive oil until you see it start to pop or get crispy. Sprinkle over the beets. Add the cilantro and eat!

Thanks for superfooding with me and see you all tomorrow!

Chef D

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Superfood, day 2!

So superfooders…what did you think of yesterday’s dish?  I happen to make a big batch and have honestly been eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner…and I am still craving it!  Good stuff!

So today’s superfood recipe is an easy one…as it is pretty busy at the hotel and I am sure all of you are out and about enjoying your weekend,I figured we would drink our lunch today!

I have packed in 9, yes I said 9!!! superfoods into today’s SUPER smoothie.  Here is what you are going to need.


1 cup nonfat or greek yogurt – yogurt  increases bone  strength, lowers cholesterol and helps build a stronger immune system.

4 tbls. raw oats – oats are known to lower your cholesterol but did you know they also help improve the condition of your skin?  Double yay from me!

2 tbls. flax seeds – flax seeds help digestion, strengthens  your immune system and helps with diabetes.

1 each lemon – lemon as we all know are a great source for vitamin C, among many other things.

1/4 cup raw almonds, with or with out skins – almonds  help protect against type 2 diabetes and make your heart super happy by lowering heart disease.  They also  help boost your energy.   Thank you Almonds!

1 each green apple – Apples help lower your cholesterol, help promote bone health and helps prevent asthma.  So I would say YES, an apple a day keeps the Doctor away.  🙂

1 bunch asparagus – asparagus assist the body in removal of waste products…and makes our pee smell funny.

1 each avocado – avocado is an excellent source of potassium, fiber and is loaded with healthy fats!   They also help improve our overall body functions…don’t make me go into detail about those…heehee.

2 each banana – bananas are not only fun to say outloud…they are also super low in calories, offer our bodies a kick in the butt with a boost of energy, they help lower blood pressure and the coolest of all, drum roll please….they can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety…crap!  Wish I knew that before I went on Top Chef…hahaha. 



Basically add all of these ingredients with water (to cover the top) into your Magic Bullet or Vita Prep and let er rip!   Warrning…this is a crazy healthy smoothie…it’s not sweet and it ain’t Jamba Juice…so if you prefer to add a sweetener I would suggest adding an organic honey…now honey is not a super food….but it is however an aphrodisiac…big smile.  So maybe you might want to make this for dessert in a sexy lil’ outfit, if you know what I mean…wink wink.

Here she is with all her health benefits and tasty glory!


See you beautiful people tomorrow…


Chef D







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Dakota’s SUPERFOOD 7 day challenge!

If you know me then you know that I LOVE food…that’s a good thing considering I am a chef, right? So you would also know that I am not what you would call a “healthy food eater” I like fried food, dessert, pizzas and cheese! As I am working on my menus for my new restaurant (Sunset Blvd, name under lock and key, to open December 2014) I am wanting to focus on healthy, light, locally grown and fresh dishes. I have since been seeing a lot of Superfoods all over the menu prepared in different ways and that healthy eating can indeed be tasty! It made me think that I should probably eat my words (or dishes) and challenge myself. Let’s face it, I am not getting any younger and could use a few good days to cleanse the insides.

So here we go…everyday for seven days I am going to post a new recipe on my website for an awesome superfood packed dish. I encourage you to follow along with me and see what happens! WE CAN DO THIS!!!

There are so many superfoods, 50 that I know of…during this 7 day challenge I will utilize all 50, that’s a promise from me to you.

Here we goooooooo……. 🙂

Day 1:

Warm Quinoa, Wheat Berry, Yuzu Kosho marinated Chicken and chopped Kale Salad
this dish makes about 4 cups.
1 cup Red Quinoa, cooked – high in protein and fiber and is naturally gluten free
1 cup Red Wheat berries, cooked – high in fiber
1# chicken breast, cleaned of all fat.
2 teaspoon yuzu kosho, great market on Sawtell you can buy this from, I am really loving the red paste but traditionally it is green in color. It’s a bit salty and really spicy, and that’s a good thing! rub the paste along with some fresh yuzu juice, olive oil and fresh garlic onto the chicken breast and grill until the chicken is cooked through. let it cool down and dice it. set aside.
2 cups curly kale and 2 cups arugula, sautéed with evoo, and garlic. – kale is great for combating cancer (including breast cancer) and preventing macular degeneration and cataracts.

2 lemons, zest and juice – great for the common cold and helps fight cancer

4 tbls EVOO – EVOO strengthens the heart and helps fight diabetes and also helps with weight loss.

sea salt, to taste



Mix everything together and season with salt, lemon juice and if you like it with a little more acid (as I do) add a splash of vinegar, I used a golden balsamic which added a hint of sweetness and really rounded out the dish as a whole.

Lets see here…I counted 5 superfoods in just one dish!  Awesome!

Now, what would a meal be like without a glass of wine???  Just so happens that Grapes are a superfood!!!  Woohoo!  Thank goodness for this!  Wash this down with a crisp Sav. Blanc or Albarino for a perfect match.


Enjoy and check in tomorrow to see what else I have in store for this “challenge”


Chef Dakota




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I Google, you Google, we ALL Google!

Rock Climbing, Basketball, Baristas, Nap Pods and……Cooking Classes! Oh my!!!
Today I helped Google LAX launch the Zagat Chef Demos at their Venice offices. Let me just say if you EVER have the chance to go there and check it out…do it! Do not hesitate. It’s by far one of the greatest places to work other than Disneyland. :). Hell, it’s way better than Disneyland…free food, group meetings and Spidey on the entrance glass ceiling.
Chef Bill who runs the the BOH there is incredibly gracious and a super cool down to earth guy. He welcomed us with a cart and got us up and running in the Big Lebowski room and we started our prep.
First Course…
Cousa Squash Carpaccio 3.1
Cousa Squash
Serrano Pepper
Baby Heirloom Tomatoes
Toasted Sunflower Seeds
Micro Basil
Yuzu Soy White Truffle Vinaigrette
– 1/4 cup Yuzu juice
– 1/4 cup white soy
– 1/8 cup rice vinegar
– 1/3 cup white truffle oil
Add all of your ingredients into a container with a lid and shake the heck out of it…boom. There you go, broken vinaigrette. Slurp.

Slice the squash thin and make a pretty design with the slices onto your platter, slice the serranos thin and 1/4 the tomatoes and place around the dish as well. Dress the salad with your vinaigrette and sprinkle on some herbs and the sunflower seeds and eat er’ up!

Slow Roasted Artic Char with Lemon Shiitake Broth, Spring Veggies and Pea Tendrils
Artic Char (5 oz.)
Chicken Stock 2 cups
Dried Shiitake 2oz.
Lemon Peels 2 ea.
White Soy 1/8 cup
—add the stock, shiitake, lemon and soy into a pot and steep for 1 hour. Strain off and reserve liquid…this be your sauce!
Prep your veggies…
Pick you most fave veggies out from the Farmers Market and either roast, blanch or grill them with a little EVOO, salt and pepper.
Sear your Char skin side down…don’t be a wanker and burn it (like I may or may not have done…should have been there) roast it in the oven at 325 until about med…should take 5 – 6 mins.
Pour your broth into a bowl, add the fish, place the veggies all around and toss the pea tendrils with a little bit of EVOO and salt and place on top of the fish. Stick a fork in it.

Almond Milk Yogurt Parfait with Berries, passion Fruit Seeds and Almond Brittle
Almond Milk 1 qt.
Yogurt with active culture 2 tsp. (or use a non dairy yogurt starter for 100% vegan yogurt)
—gently stir in the yogurt to your almond milk. Cover it up and set aside at 90 degrees for 8 hours. If you don’t have a spot that warm in your house ( and frankly why would you ) buy a heating pad from target and place your container (wrapped in a towel) on top of it and walk away… After 8 hours have passed place it in the refer for 4 hours. At this point strain off the solids from the water. Baby…you just made some yogurt! Pat yourself on the back.
Garnish with honey, berries whatever your heart desires! Except maybe marmite…that might not taste good…well unless your British..then you might like it.

Thank you Google and all who attended!!! until the next…..

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